FDP Connect™

Transactional platform for cross border trade

What is FDP?

For the issues in cross-border trade flow, FDP Connect™ is a blockchain platform that digitises the value chain, documents & enables the cash flow by streamlining & automating the transaction between multiple stakeholders involved.

We are targeting Medium and Large traders (importers & exporters), whereas we also need other stakeholders such as Banks, Insurance Companies, Chambers of Commerce, Customs in order to digitise the entire value chain, we have a bottom up approach for onboarding these stakeholders.

We are reaching out to export-import promotion councils, involved in interacting with this MSME traders.

    Innovative Solution

  • WEB APP - ONE STOP SOLUTION (blockchain enabled)
  • INTEGRATE & INTEROPERATE (connecting the dots)
  • DIGITAL & SECURE DOC. Management (Carryout the Exlm Freight, Documents, Payments from one place)

Value Proposition

  • Document Digitisation - Digitisation helps speedup the tradeflow.
  • Saves Time & Cost - Accessing documents is a matter of seconds not days anymore
  • Realtime-access - Making the document available to the stakeholders in real time.
  • Safe & Secure - The DLT technology distributes data safely and securely
  • Audit trails - Now do audit trails with zero reconciliation headache

Think about that as you stand at this place where the path splits. You want to make a decision and commit to one of these paths.

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